Rooms at Zagori

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During your stay, you have the opportunity to visit interesting sights of the village and the wider area.

Stone Artifacts

It is worthwhile seeing the numerous stone bridges of the village and the numerous traditional fountains

Our belfry of ...Pisa and the church of St. Charalambos as well as the beautiful small churches of the village. The traditional houses and some newest houses built within the verdurous physical nature of the village.

Dominant Sights

The area of Balta where you can see snow any time of the year and the 'Neraidovrisi' natural fountain where crystal water springs out of a huge rock

Visit the legendary Drakolimni of Gamila and Drakolimni of Smolikas the monastery of trinity with a chucrh catacomb dated back in 1295 (!!!).

Explore Zagori

Live the traditional festival of the village in the 26th of July each year and ... taste the delicious Zagori Pies in the Pie Festival at the end of August.

Climb Tsukarosia and conquer Smolikas or if you are more venturous you can try to reach the Gamila peak.

Hospitality of Zagori

Meet the Zagori hospitality and the people of Vrisohori

Visit the wonderfull forests of Bokovo and Tsukarosia turning red at the first sunlight

Fish and swim at the Aoos river. Learn more about the rich history of the area and explore every aspect!


Dates of Special Interest

  • 26-28 July (Taditional Folklore Festival)
  • Beginning of June (Festival in Trinity Monastery)
  • 1st Saturday after the 19th of August (Traditional Pie Festival)
  • 1st weekend of August (Meeting of 'Sarakatsani' in Giftokambos)