Rooms at Zagori

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Tsumanis Guesthouse

The village of Vrysohori belongs to the municipality of Central Zagori. It is located at 940m above sea level, inside the Aoos-Vikos Park, in the foothill of Timfi's Sierra..

Vrisohori is the 3rd largest village of Zagori Villages in terms of land size. The village is located in between the 2nd the the 5th highest peaks of Greece, just 5 km away from Aoos River.

It is the only area of Greece where snowbanks stand throughout every season of the year.

The nearest city - Ioannina - is 74km away. Vrysohori is also reachable from Grevena, through the alpine center of Vasilitsa or Konitsa.

The residents of the area speak a Latin dialect which is spoken in various areas of the Balkan peninsula (Vlach dialect). Famous people who originate from Vrysohori are Michael Dukakis -nominee for the presidency of the U.S.A. in 1988- and John Kassavetis -famous actor and director-.


Until a few years ago the village had only 1 phone manual serving all residents and holidaymakers

Once started in 2005 to "give the signal 'mobile phone in the village and only by Cosmote in some parts of the village

Such a problem would not have if you climb the peaks of Gamila or Smolikas. Because of its altitude, the device will 'catch signal normally.

TV ... forget it! Only 3-4 channels are available!

Any time and visit Vrisohori be well prepared for the summer kryo.Mporei have heat during the day ... but at night you will probably need 2 'rugs'.

Has tendered by the Prefecture of Ioannina towards paving the way Vrisohori-Palaioseli, passing essentially Zagorohoria the villages of Smolikas Vasilitsa and Grevena.